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Approaching the village of Sylikou from the community of Monagri we turn left and after passing under a wooden arch with an inscription reading “Agios Georgios Agkathiotis”, we enter the village.

In a short distance from the arch we will find the Community Council building and the community Infirmary on our left. Next to them stands the old primary school which was renovated and maintained, before being turned into a cultural centre with a big park which includes pavements, lighting, benches and greenery areas. 

Next, we take the road on our right and we find the new church of Agios Georgios on our left. A bit further, on the right, there is a branch of the Cooperative Credit Society and the central coffee shop of the village which is located under the big platan tree. Even further, on the left this time, we find the community’s cafe.

We then follow the paved street on our left and after passing by the renovated house of the village we reach the old church of Agios Georgios. We then return to the main road and continue heading uphill, following a beautiful route with picturesque old houses and flowers.

The end of the road forms a T. The road on the left leads to the old commandaria winery which is being turned into a commandaria museum. Within 500 metres we can see the old spring which used to supply the village with water. Plans have been made to develop the village due to its ancient character and beauty. 

The other road leads to Sylikou and Limassol. The new houses of the community are built in this area.

What is astonishing in the community of Agios Georgios Sylikou is the unique hospitality of its residents, as well as the clean atmosphere and the renovated old houses with their flowers at their facades.  

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