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The rise of the community’s population led the residents of the village to the construction of a new bigger church. The foundation stone of the new church was set in 1928. Its stony structure was completed in 1931, but the church’s construction works ceased for several years. In 1935 began the works for the completion of the church under the supervision of Ioannis and Agathocles Agathocleous. The first mass at the new church of Agios Georgios took place in 1955.    

In 1960, Agathocles Agathocleous wished to dedicate the new church to Saints Constantinos and Eleni. One night, at around 9 o’clock, as he was leaving from work to go back home, he saw a white horse passing right in front of him, entering the church enclosure and vanishing after completing a circle around the church. Then, Agathocles understood that Agios Georgios wished that the new church of the village be dedicated to Agios Georgios and so it was.

The new bell tower of the church was built in 1960.

The church is stone-built and has a capacity of approximately 500 people. Internally the church is white without any hagiographies. There is no women’s mezzanine floor either. Its floor consists of the original marble which was placed in 1955 and it is still in excellent condition.

The chancel is made of walnut wood, it is carven and it bears 8 large icons and 35 small ones. Placed on the right and left of the chancel are the psalter stands which are also made of wood and carven. 

Some of the remains of Agios Georgios have been kept in the church since 1981 after the church committee brought them here from Palestine.  

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